Pastor's Corner


Read: Matthew 1, 2, 5:1-10,

            When Jesus, the Prince of Peace, was born the world was never to be the same.  He came to change the world for the good at His Father’s request.   The first phase or entrance of Jesus’ ministry on the earth began at His unique birth and ended with the ugly crucifixion on a wooden Roman cross. Mary, Jesus’ mother, almost got herself stoned to death being pregnant without being married.  God’s Angel had to intervene.  The crucifixion was the Jewish/Roman’s government way of getting rid of a so-called Jewish “Radical” who was slowly drawing attention and crowds to Himself as a unique, but religious leader in Jerusalem and Galilee.

            In the Book of Matthew, the Tax-Collector/Accountant presents Jesus as the long awaited Messiah, the true ruler and king of Israel.  Here The Prince of Peace, Jesus, provides the first glimpse of a new kingdom He is ushering in- a kingdom which turns the Old Testament law “inside and out”, not in terms of error, but in terms of clarifying what the law really meant and what it really said.

            Peace on earth has a lot to do with the Kingdom of Heaven, which was initially preached and taught only by Jesus, Himself.  This was new teaching - kingdom of Heaven, and was never defined in the Old Testament.  Believing in Jesus was a big, hindrance to Peace being on the earth.  The earth, itself, has nothing to do with peace being on the earth.  Truth of the matter is peace is a man-made enjoyment.  Peace has to come through man if there is to be any peace on this earth.  Yes, Jesus did promise us His peace, but not the peace the world give you, He says (John 14:27).  This means there is a type of peace which is offered from the world, but my peace is different from what the world gives you. Jesus is implying that my peace will never leave you and is permanent and the world’s peace, in a sense, is not peace at all. 

            However we cannot be at ease or at peace when we read Jesus’ teachings (Matthew 10:34-35).  This is one of the many teachings which will trouble us if we don’t hear Jesus correctly.

            Jesus was born into the world backwards relative to the traditional beliefs about the Messiah.  He was born in a cold stable and slept in an animal feeding trough as oppose to being born in the kings’ house with attendants and being surrounded with the king’s comforts.  But this was not so.  This is what threw off those who were expecting the Messiah to come with a great army, trumpets, fine robes, battle horses.  But this didn’t happen.  And When Jesus was crucified on the cross the crowd who had been expecting a grand Messiah to come and relieve them of the oppression put upon them by the Romans, finally concluded this Jesus couldn’t be the true Messiah because He has no army to defend Him, besides He got Himself killed.  The people gave up hope to seek peace.

            However, something strange happened at the crucifixion and even afterwards. The moment Jesus died, the sun lost its daylight in mid-afternoon, there was a great earthquake and believers who had died days and years before waiting on the Old Testament promise were seen walking the streets of Jerusalem.  And the great 60 feet veil at the door of the Holy of Holiness was ripped from top to bottom, exposing for the first time, the most holy prayer room upon the earth. These events didn’t promote any peace on the earth.  They brought much fear upon those who didn’t believe in Jesus and what He had taught them about the Peace he came to give them.

            Jesus, please look at us today. Robbery, murder, ugly divorces, family disturbances, cheating, stealing, lying, people using people, grief, depression, mental instability, suicide, children against father and mother, mother and father against children and pride. These are but a few of the exhausting list of issues which will not lead to peace on earth.  Hurry Jesus! Hurry! Let there be peace upon the earth!  We need it bad!  Lord help us produce peace through our own selves.