Pastor's Corner



Read:  Galatians 3:26

             Today we cannot speak about mothers unless we mention women.  One must be a woman first before being a mother.  There are women who became mothers at one time but for some reason lost the grand opportunity or gave up the idea of maintaining the love and care of a mother.  Meaning her child was lost to her in some untimely manner early on in her life and she lost the will to continue on as a mother and she went to being just a woman again.  Not to mention Rachel’s children in Luke writings when Herod ordered more than two hundred boy babies murdered in Bethlehem as he sought to destroy the Christ child.  It would be interesting to discover just how many of these women moved forward and had additional children after experiencing such a traumatic loss of a son.  There are women longing to be mothers but can’t due to some biological issue.  There are women who care not to be mothers because of some trauma or fear and they care not to be saddled with the burden of child care.  There are women who care not to be mothers because of some sexual indiscretion and they wish to solve this motherhood issue by aborting. 

             It is a great moral and physical challenge to be a mother.  A mother must be a strong caretaker, a giver of love and emotion to her children as she grows them into healthy, well rounded human beings.  Sometimes a mother’s love and caretaking works and sometimes it doesn’t.  This depends upon whether or not conditional love and negative emotions were used in the upbringing.       

              Ella P. Mitchell stated in a report from the first federally-funded women’s conference held in Houston, Texas., wherein, the first lady and the former first lady were present, there were women who didn’t want equal rights for women.  These women believed there are inherent differences in the basic equality of human beings.  A century earlier a minority of blacks opposed the abolition of slavery.  These Blacks thought they were better off as slaves. These black women seemed to prefer to remain as slaves.  This in deed is news in today’s time!

             Among those slaves who opposed the abolition of slavery the problem was clearly a lack of faith.  A mother must have faith in what she is called to do.  These black mothers feared the unknown and dreaded the prospect of dying in the uncharted wilderness of freedom.  Slavery was not uncharted they knew well the roads of slavery and what to expect.

             What mother would want to bring their children up in segregation now?  What mother would want to bring their children up in the pits of slavery today?  Such mothers would be out of touch with morality and justice if this is what they desired to do with their children today.   It is a mother’s lack of faith when they do not want their children to be free, regardless of the uncharted freedom road ahead.  Praise God, the vast majority of mothers sought freedom for themselves as well as their families even as they were aware of the dangers.  By faith in Jesus Christ, they knew that they were children of God and were destined to be free.  As a caring mother, they wanted freedom for their children. 

             There was Rahab, the prostitute, the great, great grandmother of King David who was the ancestor of Jesus Christ.  For forty years Rahab (Rachab) kept the promise and faith of Joshua until he conquered Jericho and saved Rahab and all her family.  Rahab believed in Joshua ‘s God and it transformed her life.

             There was the young, twelve-year-old Mary, the future mother of our Lord, the Messiah, who was startled by the appearance of the great, bright Angel at her home in Nazareth.  She was called upon to be a mother at her age for the first time.  Mary, though frightened, and fearfully concerned, kept the faith and gave birth to our Lord in due time.

             There were women who never became mothers but they acted like mothers in caring for people they loved.  There was Queen Ester who held onto her mother wit and saved her Jewish nation from being killed by Haman, the jealous captain.

             There was the non-Jewish woman who had a very sick daughter and she was weary from the care taking of her.  She came and worshipped the Lord, saying, Lord help me.  Jesus ignored her and said, I will not give you the bread crumbs from my table. I, like a dog, will eat the crumbs from your table if you gave them to me, said the wearied mother.  Jesus was impressed with the mother’s faith and the sick daughter was healed in that same hour.  This is what mothers do.  They run interference for their children when needed.

             Then there was a black woman who had no children of her own.  Harriet Tubman, General Moses was her name.   This motherless woman risked her life and returned to the deep south more than five times rescuing and leading black men and women, who wanted to be free.  Mother Moses led more than 1400 Blacks to freedom from the deep-south into Canada.  How was she able to do this?  It was her faith in God and not in the gun she carried.  Ms. Tubman was a “mother” operating on faith as she ushered her children into freedom Land.

             One of the things which characterizes a mother is she carries a sense of Freedom, freedom, freedom.  Storms may rage and risks may abound, but God always desired the woman/mother to be free.  This is why God sent the Son to set the woman/mothers free, otherwise, she cannot carry out her motherhood duties as God would have it.