Pastor's Corner

Read:  Exodus 4:18-31, 5:1-11

             Last week we asked the question, “Are we there yet?” in terms of Dr. King’s dream.  Are we out of the slave pits of Egypt?  Have we reached the Promised land yet? Dr. Howard Lee, the first black mayor of Chapel Hill, NC, on a local television station interview last week, stated that Blacks have made great stride and progress in this nation since he faced off with housing and education discrimination in North Carolina.  However, He continues, we, as a people, still have much more to accomplish before the US Constitution can hold our hands as equal partners here in America.

             Egypt is that slave pit, where, we as a people, are being drawn back into due to racism, economic inequality, hidden Jim Crow laws fostered by Democrats, as well as Republicans who oversee the operations of the Egyptian modern-day slave pits.  There is still that desire on the part of slave pit owners not to give former slaves too much; they have gained enough, they say.  This was the case when two southern US Senators kept a certain qualified black US Air Force pilot from being the first man to go into space and circle the globe.  Blacks today are not living in the day or age of full Freedom, but in the day and age of limited Toleration.  We as a people must recognize and know the difference and seek to make a better and more permanent freedom for ourselves and off springs.

             We still need Moses.  We still need a Moses to go down and tell old Pharaoh to finish letting my people go!  The old slave pits in Egypt are still active and in full operation.  The reason we need a Moses to go back to Egypt is because we still have some slaves held back in the slave pits in the middle of the mud piles and straw-less bricks.  Many of our brothers and sisters are still not free not even to go out and worship God.   Are we not our brother’s keeper, we need a Moses to go down and talk to Pharaoh again and tell him to finish the deal and let the rest of God’s people go.  God’s people were once freed, but the conditioning of slavery has somehow over taken them again and they have been drawn back into slavery.  There is a call out to “a Moses” to return to the slave pits of Egypt and lead our fallen brothers and sisters out of educational darkness and ghetto slavery and into the Promised Land.  We speak here of about 60% of our people, who have yet to make it out of the slave pits of slavery.

             Approximately 40% of our mothers are single and head of the households.  This does not include those who have been divorced.  Our male population represents the majority of those who are incarcerated, compared to our number percentage of the US population.  One out of every five students in our school system falls through the cracks, so to speak.  We cannot drive in peace in our nice cars.  We cannot walk to our own house in our own integrated community without being seen with suspicion or arrested.  We cannot shop for a toy gun for our kid in a K-mart store without being targeted, shot and killed without a question being asked, because we had a toy gun in our hands, and about to purchase it for our kids.  Black on black killings are being done while in the slave pits of Egypt.  We need a Moses to go back to Egypt and tell the slave pit operators, “Time is up and you must let our people go, so we can go and worship God freely on His terms!”

            Who will be that Moses today?  Moses and Aaron have already made the trip; Dr. King has made the trip.  Malcolm X has made the trip as well.   Is Dr. William Barber our Moses?  We thought Obama would be our Mosses, but he was not.  Our today’s Moses is still out there somewhere.  Maybe our Moses is hold up for some personal reasons.  Maybe he is still in school, hanging out on the streets or in church waiting for marching orders.

             Maybe our today’s Moses is held up because of incorrect theology.  In response to Moses’ excuses, God told Moses I don’t want you to deliver the people through Me but deliver them through You.   Is this the hold up, being afraid to let God use you?  God’s second counter to Moses’ excuse by not having sufficient knowledge - Moses it is not what you know, but Who you know!  And when Moses hid behind his inferior complex, God said Moses it is not who you are, but Who I Am.  When Moses tried to hide behind his inability to speak, God said it is not your ability Moses but mine which counts. 

             We must know that when we do not trust in God to do His work, God always has someone ready when He needs him/her.

             In Dr. David Jeremiah’s Biblical notes he states, when we say, “I can’t do this for you.”  God says, “Then let Me do it through you.”  When we say, “I don’t know enough.” God says, “You know Me.  That’s enough.”  When we say no one will respect me, “God says, “That is not important.  “What is important is that they respect Me.”  This is what I had to teach Pharaoh.  When we say, “I do not have the ability,” God says, “My grace is sufficient; It is My ability that counts.”  When we say, “God send someone else.”  And God says, “This is not a request.”  Go down Moses, go again, and again until My work is finished with the people!