Pastor's Corner




                                    Read: Hebrews 1:1-4; Isaiah 12:1-4; Acts 4:12


            Scriptures tells us that, “so as a man thinks, so is he.”  A person is in need when he/she thinks He/she must have a certain thing in order to survive.  A “want” is something desirable and one can continue to live without satisfying a want.  However, a need is something one must have in order to continue to function properly; for an example, air, food, clothing, human love.  Our needs cover any and everything which is necessary for one to survive in a certain living environment.  Many people get their desires and needs mixed up, whereby they end up needing their wants and desires and not really recognizing what they need.  Therefore, if you don’t think you need a certain thing, one will not seek it.  It’s a battle between the mind and the flesh, as to what a person’s real needs are.  One can live without acquiring wants; however, one cannot live without one’s basic needs.  Basic needs are defined as whatever it takes for one to live and survive.  Every human being has to determine what their needs are.  This is a part of life’s struggle.


            Confusion, ignorance, ego and rational thinking play a large part in determining one’s basic needs in life.  There are three dimensions of knowledge which must be considered in order to seek out one’s human needs.  There is the within, the without and the above.  It is the “above” dimension which is often overlooked or not given much attention.  When we hurt inside, we know then we need something to stop the hurting; when one steps into on-coming traffic and see the car coming right at him, one sees the need to hurry and get back onto the sidewalk.  However, when one looks up into an empty sky, can you think of a need that will save you from hurt, harm or danger?  The point to be made here is that the “up-dimension” doesn’t seem to cause us any real earthly consternation. “Out of sight, out of mind” and the whole idea of God just disappears in the sky.  Yet, this is what Jesus is all about – bringing to us salvation on that glorious night in the Bethlehem field, while shepherds watched their flock by night.   A host of Angels announced this gift to man, “Born to you this day a Savior.”  A Savior is one who can bring and offer and give salvation. 


            The root idea of “salvation” is deliverance from some danger of evil.  This may include defeat in battle (Exodus 5:2). It could include trouble (Psalms 34:6); protection from your enemy (2 Sam 3:10); death (Psalms 3:4).  Even though salvation is not a technical theological term, but simply denotes “deliverance” from almost any kind of evil, whether material or spiritual.  In short, this term means deliverance from all that interferes with the enjoyment of God’s highest blessings toward man.


            The up-dimension (the bible) tells us that man is lost and in sin, which is displeasing to God Who offers salvation through Christ His Son.  If man stays in the sinful state then he is destined to live alone and without God forever, which includes the inside and outside dimensions of one’s life.  There is another side to the outside dimension and that is the hell fires, which never goes out!  Jesus did not come to put the hell fire out, He came to deliver all who would be delivered from such an evil end. 


            We are told not to neglect such an opportunity of salvation being offered and listen very carefully to the truth coming from the above dimension being verified by the Angels and God, Himself (Hebrews 2:2-4).  We cannot afford to drift away from the truths we have heard.  We cannot escape the truth even if we never look up and seek information in the above dimension.  Our true needs come from above.  God has assigned such gifts to us. We all need Salvation.  It is better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it!  Don’t waste such a gift from Heaven, claim it and hold on to it until Jesus returns.         


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