Pastor's Corner


Read:  Psalm 107:14; Proverbs 3:5-6; Romans 10:11; Isaiah 59:1


                        God is an expert in delivering His children out of trouble and danger.  The entire book of Psalms 107 is devoted to King David expressing his thanks and

praise for God always being present to deliver His servants out of danger.  “Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever.”

             Like the young elephant which was raised up tied to a heavy iron chain anchored in the ground.  Even when the elephant was full grown at the weight of 7 tons,

bigger than a dump truck, the big elephant never attempted to break free from the anchored chain, simply because it never realized he had the strength to break free

because he had been conditioned for years not to use his strength against the anchored chain.  The same is true for many Christians today. They do not realize their

strength in the Lord, simply because they had a critical event earlier on in their lives and have never recovered from it.  Such critical event had taken their strength away. 

And there was no one to tell them about Christ, Who would help him/her get rid of the heavy chains of oppression and depression they have been dragging around in

their lives for so long.  Even though Lazarus was brought back alive from the grave, he was still wrapped up and tied up in grave cloths until Jesus commanded that he be

loosed and set free.  Many of God’s children have been given a new life in Jesus, but still need to be set free from their chains of guilt which the enemy intends to keep

locked on the child of God. 

             The Lord broke the chains for Joseph while in prison (Gen 41:14).  He broke the chains when He set His people free from Pharaoh (Exodus 12:51).  He did it for

Daniel in the lion’s den,   For Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego (Daniel 3:26).  God broke the chains and brought His people out of Babylon (Ezra 2:1).  The

Lord even sent an Angel to Peter in prison and the chains fell of his wrists (Acts 12:7).  The Lord broke the chains of my inferiority complex in my younger years and I

was able to face and overcome the intentional, ugly racism thrown at me and designed to make one fail, while seeking a commission in the U S Navy.  I graduated top

third out of a class of about 1200 naval officer cadets.                                                                                                                                       

            There are chains which we, as unfinished Christians, put on ourselves and they are not made of iron.  These chains are made from the sins we have forged of our

own freewill thinking they will bring more freedom.  Such chains have also served to keep Jesus from coming closer to us. Those of us who know Jesus personally,

accept by faith and experience Our Lord’s words of promise,  “If the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed”(John 8:36).  Not only does God execute justice for the

oppressed and give food to the hungry, He also sets prisoners free. (Psalms 147:7).  No chains of any kind are found or allowed in the Kingdom of Heaven.

             The child of God must make it his/her life’s work to not allow anything to put them in chains, which can keep them from the presence of the Savior.  And those

of us who know the word of prayer must pray for those who have been captured by the enemy and been held in captivity too long.  This means we must intercede for our

friends who are in chains of emotional pain, financial debt, marital depression, and those who are lost and living in a life style of sin.  This means our children who have

strayed away from the family and Christ, as the Prodigal son did (Psalms 107:10-13).

             O’ God let us hear the dull sound of chains falling off of our children and loved ones, as well as our selves.  Let us forever taste your mercy and grace and praise

You, O, God.  Make us all free in you O, Lord and let us be the obedient spirit which makes us more and more like Jesus.  We ask God to let His work of setting people

free be found in us.  We pray O’ God, that you will show us how to take a leap of faith out of our heavy chains, whatever they might be.  Those things which once

chained us may they never chain us again, should be our daily prayer.


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