Pastor's Corner


Millenniums and the Church


Read: 2 Timothy 3:1-7, Proverbs 22


            Should the Bible be rephrased or changed in any way in order for the church today to attract the younger crowd into the church.  Today what used to be the “X

generation” is now referred to as the “Millenniums?”

             These are the people who were born within the last thirty years.  What defines this group of young people is the fact that they are computer literate, they want what they want, now.  They live by the computer in that they get their news fast, they do not read the newspaper, the newspaper is too slow.  They are almost anti–establishment.  They like the fine up-to-date clothing styles.  They are fast in their thinking, but not always rational.  They like everything fast, cars action-movies. They watch three TV channels at once.  They take advantage of the newest computer power, and iPhone technology and use it well to their advantage.  They are smart and intelligent. Not to mention their taste in fine looking and smart women, especially the ones who work and make good money. They even get married and have children.  They educate their children and teach them to value things and not too much about the value of people.

             They have taken advantage of the computer technology and yet they have not invented one new thing.  It is the last three generations before which have, put man on the moon and discovered amazing things in outer space, improving the I-phone apps and adding more capability and power to the computer technology.   The Millenniums are the greatest consumers of the latest technology.

             It is these young people some churches are panting after to attract them to their congregation. The belief is if they didn’t get the generation of Millenniums in the church they will be spiritually lost and the church will be held accountable by God. 

             There are large and small churches which are changing their worship format, changing to a different style of singing in order to attract and keep young Millenniums in the church.  Some pastors and preachers have left their pulpit robes in the closet and replaced their pulpit robe with dungarees and open collared shirts for Sunday morning and week day preaching and teaching services.  Some churches are having several Sunday services, one to accommodate the young Millennium crowd and another to please and accommodate the older crowd.  How far should the church go in order to attract the Millenniums crowd?  Some churches are doing a good job in attracting and holding on to their young people.   Some young people are leaving their family home churches and attending a church which may be termed as youth-style ministries.  Are the Millenniums committing themselves to Christ?  Do they readily accept assignments of mission work at home and abroad?  Compared to the established traditional church members, do they tithe and give weekly offerings to the church?

             The closest thing one could find in the Bible which is construed to be ministry for the youth is the Book of Proverbs.  We can also add 2 Timothy 3:1-7 and Jesus’ quote about keeping little children from Him (Matthew 19:14) as other scriptures which would relate to the youth.  But in reality, these scriptures are for everyone.  Are these the only three scriptures by which we minister to the youth?

             The Bible is full of scriptures filled with instructions for every person at any age.   The scriptures in 2 Timothy 3:1-7 in all honesty does not fit nor describe a Millennium.  Millenniums are not necessarily bad people.  They are young people without the knowledge of Christ.  Religion is usually outside of their scope of everyday thinking.  They are into education, achieving excellence.  They are into challenging their minds with worldly intelligence.  They are not necessarily interested in spiritual matters, but only what matters to them.  Like anybody else they will have to be taught Christ.

             The question for the church is, should the church willingly compromise some of its time-tested traditions in order to try and attract the youth, or should the church stay the course and allow the Millenniums to find Christ like those of yesterday.  Should there be any lowering of Biblical standards in order to attract the Millenniums.  In other words, should the pastor serve communion in dungarees and open collar and leather jacket in order to appease the youths.  Millenniums come to church with khakis, dungarees, slacks, no neck ties, tennis shoes, but when they go out on a date or for a job interview, they wear suits and ties.  Does this seem right?  Are we not to dress our best when we come before the Lord in worship? God requires formal dress when His servants come before Him to worship Him. (Exodus 25:7-8; Leviticus 8:6-9, 13).   In short, anytime a pastor or preacher come before the Lord to minister unto Him on behalf of the people, he, the pastor must be in formal attire.  This is the reason for the wearing of the robe today in the pulpit, not suits.  The robe is the covering of the priest or preacher’s sin while he or she is ministering to the Lord on behalf of the people, for example, Communion, marriage ceremony. David and Little Samuel wore a linen ephod when they appeared before the Lord (1Samuel 2:18, 2 Samuel 6:14).

             Today’s church must take care not to go overboard, so to speak, in making too many changes in order to attract youth to their program.  Do not throw out the baby with the bath water.  It is typically true that young people do not pay the bills in the church.  Do we throw out the old hymn books and gospel songs and replace them with new songs written for the youth which most people cannot sing.  Young professional and talented Millenniums write these new songs for the youth church so as not to be sued by other interest for singing their songs if they televised or give public concerts.

             God does not change, people do. We are warned by God not to change his words and traditions to suit others, but change others to suit God’s standards.



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