Pastor's Corner


Read: Exodus 20:4-6; 1 Peter 5:8


            Some churches of today are not teaching or making their congregation aware of the fact that there are evil spirits and curses from the past which follow individuals and embed themselves in their personalities.  Such embedment of the evil spirits will result in much trouble, hardship, and even untimely death for some individuals.  These evil spirits can actually live inside the human being undetected.  They will live in a person all of their lives unless they are cast out through spiritual warfare.  Christians are not immune to being invaded by demons.  Today there are Christians who are saved, but have demons living on the inside of them unaware.  These demons need to be cast out before the Lord comes back.  There are those who do not believe in demons.  This is just what the devil wants-for you not to believe he exists.  Jesus calls the devil a spirit of darkness - something you cannot see.

             This is why St. Paul tells us to be spiritually vigilant in our daily walk because, “our adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, is walking about seeking whom he may destroy” (1 Peter 5:8).   Evil spirits are not just found in others, as you may think, but are also found on the inside of the best of us. The devil is walking about looking for individuals, who are not totally committed to God in their praise and practice.  We open the door to let these demons into our lives when we sin, when we reject Christ as Savior, when we disobey God in any form or fashion. When we practice the occults (devil worship) and any form of witchcraft, when we have been cursed or rejected feeling the rejection for a life time, when we hate and curse others.  The many demons have so many avenues into our personalities when we live an unholy life.  This is why we have spiritual warfare and not realize we are fighting against something we cannot see.  Such demons have to be cast out so that we can be totally delivered from such harassing evil.  In the prayer the Lord taught to pray daily, the last part of it recognizes spiritual warfare. “…lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil.”  This means war! 

             The major objectives of the demon is to destroy our lives and keep us from truly knowing and worshipping the true and living God; in addition the devil wants the world to worship him instead of God (Isaiah 14:13-14).

             Paul also warns us that we are not warring against “flesh and blood” but against principalities and princes in dark places.  In other words, you cannot see the evil spirits or demons because they are without physical bodies (flesh and blood).  Such demons cannot be detected by the five human senses.  They can only be detected by spiritual discernment, which our Lord has promised to give us as a spiritual gift so as to defend ourselves from such evil spirits.  Paul goes on to tell us how to defend ourselves from such invisible enemy by putting on the whole armor of God (Ephesians 6:10-18). A child of God can never be possessed by the devil.  However, the child of God can be demonized and harassed as long as he/she allows such a devil to remain in him or her.  Possession means ownership. A child of God is only owned by God for no one can pluck us out of His hand (John 10:28).

             Jesus spent much of His ministry casting out demons and healing the sick.  Casting out demons is a separate operation, as opposed to healing the sick.  Jesus gave His disciples power and authority to cast out demons (Matthew 10:1, 8).  He gave the “everyday-serious-committed” Christian the very same power and authority to cast out demons. Jesus has been casting out demons from His children for more than two thousand years and it was His hope that we, His disciples, would help Him take down satan's kingdom until He returns to take up His kingship upon the earth. 

             Truth of the matter is we have not given our Lord much help in this area of our Christian walk.  We have been satisfied to leave this important work up to the priest with the silver cross in his hands calling out unseen demons from human bodies.  We are fearful, in addition to not having studied God’s word, which gives us our marching orders to help take down the devil’s kingdom.  Casting out demons is one great visible sign that satan is losing his power and that Jesus is overpowering him (Revelations 12:7-8).  This is what God wants the world to see, that is, the devil’s kingdom being slowly torn apart by God’s people.  The very same people the devil promised to destroy.  When God’s people are participating in casting our evil spirits/demons this is the sure sign that we are taking down the devil’s kingdom and he can’t stop it because we are doing it in the name and authority of Jesus Christ, The Lord. Then we can truly sing the song, “satan we going to tear your kingdom down,” praising God all at the same time for the victory is ours.