Pastor's Corner

Read Psalm 42:6-7, Jonah 2, Matthew 8:23-27, Jude 1:1-13

2011 has come and gone and through it all we have arrived into 2012. Question: Is your anchor (faith) still holding?

God never promised His children a victory without battle, nor did He promise a victory without a fighting. Trials and troubles sometimes come upon us (2 Cor. 8:2). And while we wait for our faith to “kick in”, the enemy is telling us to just give up and give in. No, we must never give in to such doubt, but wait until God shows up and He”ll take us through the trials again. (Heb 11:1).

At times, our trials invade our lives just like the raging sea (1 Pet 1:6-7). The waves of anxiety, doubt, depression, fear, and emotional pain engulf us and steadily beat upon us; leaving us cold and wet with hopelessness - doubting whether or not we can be saved from the raging waves (Jonah 2:2-3). Being hopeless to the point of not knowing, whether or not, we still have our lives ahead of us. At this point, when the waves of “I-can’t-see-my-way-outs” continues to batter some individuals, some will loose their will to survive and give up. And as a measure of trying to maintain control down to the very end, they choose to end their lives by suicide. In such case, the enemy of doubt has succeeded. Such despondent individuals will always attempt to send a goodbye message to those he/she feels close to just before taking their lives. Life’s anchor of faith for such an individual did not hold. Or maybe, they may have never dropped their anchor, simply because they never had one in the first place. Nor did they have any hope of holding on, or anyone to hold on to them during their stormy life. Jesus is our Anchor and the answer. (Heb 6:18-19).

An anchor is a device which is designed to dig deeper into the ocean floor and locks in stronger, when more pulling stress is placed upon it. No ship going to sea will ever depart without an anchor on board. The same should be for a child of God. No one should never try and live life without having Jesus as their anchor. There are those, who will try and leave Jesus out of their lives, this is not wise.

Sometimes we do not know which way to turn, when the storms of confusion hit us. We often stand still and wonder why, while the waves of trouble surrounds us and come against us leaving us with cold aches and pains. If you are in the middle of the sea and your troubles appear too deep for your anchor of hope and faith to reach bottom, then you have no other choice but to ride out the storm until it passes over. Other words, you’re on your own. It will be God’s grace that will keep you afloat, though the waves will be very rough. Keep your hopes going straight ahead into the raging waves - keeping your eyes upon Jesus (Matt 14: 28-31).

At this point we must do something. Now if we become tired and choose to stand still, we must then maneuver to find the proper depth of water to drop anchor. If our anchor chain of hope is too short, then our anchor of faith won’t allow us to anchor to anything. Which means, our hope and faith in Christ, all along, has been too short. If our anchor chain of hope is long enough to reach bottom, then we are telling Jesus, “I’m getting ready to release my faith in You, and please help my anchor to reach bottom and hold until the storm passes over”.

Each ship knows just how much length of anchor chain it has on board. Every child of God should know just how much faith you have in God. Purer the faith of a mustard seed, stronger the faith. It’s not how much faith you have, but how pure (strong) it is of what you have. (Matt 17:20). We must throw out our anchor so as to hold on to our faith during the storm. And allow our faith to hold on to us. And if we are not built or grounded upon a firm foundation of faith in God , our anchor will never hold fast, and we will drift away only to become victims of the great wind and waves.

When you’re sick will your anchor hold? When your finances are short will your anchor hold? Your husband is dead, is your anchor holding? Mother is gone will your anchor hold? Your spouse messed up, is your anchor holding? You are getting a divorce, will your anchor hold? Your dream of a good life has faded and is gone, is your anchor holding? It seems like God is taking a long time to come to my rescue, will your anchor hold until he gets there? When the doctor shakes his head, will your anchor hold? It is the work of every Christian to check and see if your anchor and chain are still in good working condition. Every child of God should be able to say today, “My anchor is still holding”.