Pastor's Corner

(Read Ephesians 4:11- 23; Psalms 1; Hosea 8:5-7; Mark 4:10-21)

Our Lord reminds us, as Christians, our lives should be like a light on a hill to be seen by all. Our Lord meant for us to let our light (good works) so shine from the top of the hill, so that men may see our good works and glorify the Father, which is in heaven. The Father is glorified when others benefit from the deeds we do (Matt 5: 14-16).

However, it is the major work of our enemy, the devil, to see to it that our good deeds are blotted out and that nobody benefits from them. Therefore, each child of God must be about protecting him/herself from the attacks of the devil so as to insure that your light of good deeds are not blown or blotted out. One sure way of protecting the gift of love and light our Lord has given us is to be shielded by God’s amazing Grace and mercy.

Scriptures point out to us that we can live contrary to God’s law and thus bring about a whirlwind against us, which will reek havoc and misery in our personal and family lives. (Hosea 8:7). Today there are Christians who have decided to live their own lives and by their own rules. In doing so, they are in a sense, living their life like a candle in the wind. One’s candle then struggles to stay alight in the blowing wind; subject to be blown out any time the “winds of trouble’ blow stronger.

The Bible records several different kinds of winds and the purposes for which they blow. As mentioned earlier, we can cause contrary winds to blow in our own lives due to the way we live and make decisions (Hosea 8:7). God causes some strong winds to blow in our lives, so as to warn us, and or steer us in the direction of life that HE wants us to go, for an example, like the reluctant prophet Jonah (Jonah 1:4). The devil sends strong winds of lust into our lives, which will lead us away from God and into destruction (Ecc1:8, Jer 2:24).

Daniel, the prophet, told king Nebuchadnezzar, that king who railed against God, that his kingdom will soon be destroyed and strong winds of change would come and blow his kingdom completely away. The king was a candle blowing in the wind and his light was blown out.

Let us be reminded of our Lords reality teachings, “I am the vine you are the branches, except you abide in Me you will not be able to do anything..” (John 15:5). This is a tough saying, but true. Yet, there will still be Christians who are still determined to live as a candle in the wind, even as the wind of change blows stronger against their lives.

Jesus is our protector and is that Rock which is higher than ourselves. We can live as a candle in the wind providing we have Jesus as a complete shield all around us. Our Lord will not allow our candle light to be blown out by the enemy.

The blowing “winds of change” is a mixed bag of “ugly stuff”. The kind of ugly stuff nobody willingly invites into their lives. The following is but a few of the things which causes the wind to blow out our candle light- Not learning God’s Word; Not being totally committed to God, but only giving the appearance of being committed; ignoring God’s words and warnings; teenagers “following the crowd” which is never going anywhere; not ever learning how to maintain a good relationship with the opposite sex; being emotionally needy and afraid of being socially alone; Not being a good steward of one’s finances; not following doctors orders. Not allowing God to love you. These are but a few of the major whirlwinds Scriptures speaks of that blows against us thinking our candle light will stay alight. Not so!

It is true God’s rain fall on the just as well as the unjust, yet the rain also can put out one’s candle light, when the Father decides to put us through a spiritual test. Hopefully Jesus will be there to protect our light (Matt 5:45).

A wavering candle light is symbolic of one with a wavering faith, soon to go out in a hard wind because one has no shield to protect their little light (James 1:6). Why live like a candle in the wind?