Pastor's Corner

Read Luke 15:10-24; Matthew 10: 1; Isaiah 6:5-7

An old song says, ”Like a ship that tossed and driven, driven by the angry sea -When the storms of life are raging and the weight falls on me. I wonder what I have done, that would make this race so hard to run, then I say to my soul take courage, the Lord will make a way somehow.” That self evaluating question being asked in this song, “I wonder what I have done that makes this race so hard to run, requires a closer look at how we run our lives.

Keeping with the theme, “ship at sea”, there is a required life style which is paramount when one lives aboard ship, especially, aboard a US naval vessel. Even when you are traveling aboard a cruiseship, the same ship board requirements apply. That rule which must be adhered to is, don’t clutter your personal space aboard ship. This is why cruise ships have stewards to clean your room daily.

Personal living spaces onboard all ships are always a part of a “through passage ways.” In other words, there is always a need for someone going to and fro throughout the ship, and will find it necessary to travel through your personal living space. This is why ship inspections are traditionally held daily aboard every sea-going ship. If your space is cluttered with trash, personal items, and other items which should be put up, or stored away, such will create dangerous obstructions and unsafe conditions, especially, if and when an emergency develops aboard the ship. There are no obstructions or clutter located on board and within any ship’s passageway.

I took the time to briefly explain this ship-board life style and tradition, simply because every Christian should be practicing the very same principle of not cluttering up their lives and helping others to not clutter up their lives, as well (Matt 10:1). They’re cluttering up their lives with throw-a-way stuff. Stuff they will never use. Stuff which is old and rotten. Stuff which will never be of use to no one again. “Throw-a-way stuff” such as that ole relationship which has never worked and has added nothing to your life. The cluttered up life style of lying, cheating, and stealing. The clutter of adultery and fornication. Some Christians clutter their lives with unforgiveness, un resolved anger, un resolved emotional pain left over from past emotional hurts and losses. To such they hold on to it and clutter up their lives. Letting go and letting God is not a part of the cluttered life agenda (Phil 3:13).

There are Christians “hoarder” among us. A hoarder is one who puts away items or treasures for safeguarding, sentimentally, or for future use. Hoarders are people who cannot turn their past life a loose, for whatever reasons. They could be holding on to a fading dream which is almost gone. It could be that the sentimental value of some past, precious memory is too strong to let go. Eventually items begin to fill up one’s personal space, simply because they are not being used and there is no additional space to store any new emotional or spiritual issues which necessitates for a daily sorting. Such items soon become clutter and there is no efficient way to get around or through such cluttered items. The danger in the clutter is that it will not allow for any new or future progress in their lives. They are frozen in the past it seems. Some hoarders soon begin to lose sight of their future and the items they have stored away for the future soon turns into clutter. Many Christians can’t move forward in their lives simply because their lives are brought to a “screeching halt” because of the emotional and psychological clutter which holds them back from going forward in their lives, or “up” to their next level.

Every child of God needs to stop cluttering up their lives with stuff which keeps them from moving forward and improving their lives (Heb 12:2). There is a need to drop whatever is “dead weight”, so to speak, in your life. Dead weight is dangerous in that it will not allow one to move forward and make a better life for themselves. A child of God should not allow anyone to clutter their life or future. Our Lord went to the cross so as to clear the way to give us a more efficient, prosperous, and fulfilling life (John 10:10).