On September 16, 1984, approximately 49 people agreed to meet at the West Durham Community Center on Hillsborough Road in Durham, NC. The faithful few met to have a peaceful fellowship with each other and for the purpose of holding worship service.

Because of the quiet, content, spiritual atmosphere experienced during those worship services, the group agreed to officially establish a new church on November 11, 1984, and Rev. John L. Caldwell was asked to serve as pastor. At this time there were 66 chartered members who voted to become incorporated as New Jerusalem Baptist Cathedral.

Shortly thereafter, the fellowship voted to seek membership in the Yates Baptist Association (YBA). The YBA, at its annual meeting held on October 27, 1986 voted to accept New Jerusalem into its association. By virtue of our membership in the YBA, our church is a part of the Southern Baptist Convention.

New Jerusalem worshiped for four years in the West Durham Recreation Center located at the corner of Hillsborough and Hillandale Roads. Bible Study and other meetings were held in the homes of the church members. We enjoyed worshiping at the West Durham Center because of the beautiful and tranquil scene that was presented by the large glass panel wall located behind the pulpit area and looked out over pine sweet gum and oak trees snuggled around the city's quiet, lake-like reservoir. We began to call ourselves the "Peaceful Fellowship" because of the beautiful and quieting effect that the outside pastoral scene had on our worship services. The beautiful stained glass window with the "Holy Ghost Dove" descending located above the pulpit area, is placed there as a constant reminder of our peaceful and spiritual fellowship experienced at the old place of worship.

In 1987, the church voted to build our own worship center. With financing from our Home Mission Board in Atlanta, Georgia, our pastor, John L. Caldwell, planned, designed and served as the contractor for our worship center. The church's Trustee Board served as the builders and laborers, along with the women of the church and several groups from churches in the association, as well as old and new-found friends of our church.

We broke ground for our worship center on April 17, 1988 and finally moved in and conducted our first worship service in our beautiful place of worship on August 19, 1990.

We praise and thank God for this beautiful place of worship, and warmly welcome all to worship here....