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Will There Ever Be Peace On Earth?




Read: Matthew 1, 2, 5:1-10,




            When Jesus, the Prince of Peace, was born the world was never to be the same.  He came to change the world for the good at His Father’s request.   The first phase or entrance of Jesus’ ministry on the earth began at His unique birth and ended with the ugly crucifixion on a wooden Roman cross. Mary, Jesus’ mother, almost got herself stoned to death being pregnant without being married.  God’s Angel had to intervene.  The crucifixion was the Jewish/Roman’s government way of getting rid of a so-called Jewish “Radical” who was slowly drawing attention and crowds to Himself as a unique, but religious leader in Jerusalem and Galilee.


            In the Book of Matthew, the Tax-Collector/Accountant presents Jesus as the long awaited Messiah, the true ruler and king of Israel.  Here The Prince of Peace, Jesus, provides the first glimpse of a new kingdom He is ushering in- a kingdom which turns the Old Testament law “inside and out”, not in terms of error, but in terms of clarifying what the law really meant and what it really said.


            Peace on earth has a lot to do with the Kingdom of Heaven, which was initially preached and taught only by Jesus, Himself.  This was new teaching - kingdom of Heaven, and was never defined in the Old Testament.  Believing in Jesus was a big, hindrance to Peace being on the earth.  The earth, itself, has nothing to do with peace being on the earth.  Truth of the matter is peace is a man-made enjoyment.  Peace has to come through man if there is to be any peace on this earth.  Yes, Jesus did promise us His peace, but not the peace the world give you, He says (John 14:27).  This means there is a type of peace which is offered from the world, but my peace is different from what the world gives you. Jesus is implying that my peace will never leave you and is permanent and the world’s peace, in a sense, is not peace at all. 


            However we cannot be at ease or at peace when we read Jesus’ teachings (Matthew 10:34-35).  This is one of the many teachings which will trouble us if we don’t hear Jesus correctly.


            Jesus was born into the world backwards relative to the traditional beliefs about the Messiah.  He was born in a cold stable and slept in an animal feeding trough as oppose to being born in the kings’ house with attendants and being surrounded with the king’s comforts.  But this was not so.  This is what threw off those who were expecting the Messiah to come with a great army, trumpets, fine robes, battle horses.  But this didn’t happen.  And When Jesus was crucified on the cross the crowd who had been expecting a grand Messiah to come and relieve them of the oppression put upon them by the Romans, finally concluded this Jesus couldn’t be the true Messiah because He has no army to defend Him, besides He got Himself killed.  The people gave up hope to seek peace.


            However, something strange happened at the crucifixion and even afterwards. The moment Jesus died, the sun lost its daylight in mid-afternoon, there was a great earthquake and believers who had died days and years before waiting on the Old Testament promise were seen walking the streets of Jerusalem.  And the great 60 feet veil at the door of the Holy of Holiness was ripped from top to bottom, exposing for the first time, the most holy prayer room upon the earth. These events didn’t promote any peace on the earth.  They brought much fear upon those who didn’t believe in Jesus and what He had taught them about the Peace he came to give them.


            Jesus, please look at us today. Robbery, murder, ugly divorces, family disturbances, cheating, stealing, lying, people using people, grief, depression, mental instability, suicide, children against father and mother, mother and father against children and pride. These are but a few of the exhausting list of issues which will not lead to peace on earth.  Hurry Jesus! Hurry! Let there be peace upon the earth!  We need it bad!  Lord help us produce peace through our own selves.




The God In Us And In Our Circumstances


Read:  Revelation 3:20, Genesis 1:26



            The true story is told about the Mexican boll weevil which came across the southern borders of the United States in 1915.  These insects wiped out more than 60% of the cotton crop in Alabama that year state’s agriculture program was almost wiped out and the local farmers were put under economic hardship.  George Washington Carver laboratory work on the peanut had yet to be put to the test on a large scale. 


               The farmers were forced to diversify their crops and chose to plant peanuts instead of cotton.  Dr. Carver’s peanut exploration proved to be a prosperous crop for the farmers within two years.  In December 1919 the city of Enterprise, Ala., erected a monument in the city square of the boll weevil, giving thanks to what the boll weevil, and not the peanut, for how it  had prospered them.  God is in the business of turning tragedy into blessings.  Job lost everything but God restored, Joseph was thrown in the pit and served more than fourteen years in prison but ended up saving a nation from disaster.  The Prodigal son was living in a hog pen but God made him a favorite son again.  Jesus was crucified so that you and I can be resurrected into a new life “again.” 


               Somewhere in the closets of our lives are hidden “statues of a fool.” These statues account for a lot of foolish and stupid things we all have done.  This is also the times when we chose not to have God in our lives and we ended up making a fool out of ourselves.  So instead of putting a statue with our image on it out in public, we put it in our secret closets for no one to see, not even God.


               The Easter celebration (Resurrection) is the time when all Christians and non-Christians alike are to clean out their closets of all the old/new statures of fools and skeletons they have become.  With the future objective in mind to not fill their secret closets with statues of fools   again.  God’s children must learn to use the God spirit in them to become “Overcomers.”
Only overcomers (of sin through Jesus Christ) will have their name written in the “Book of Life” (Revelations 3:5).


               When we take moral matters of life into our hands and leave God out, we are essentially quenching the Spirit. We are told not to do (1 Thessalonians 5:19).  God wants to put His Spirit in us (Acts 2:17).   It is God’s Spirit living within us which gives us the right mind and courage to do right and overcome our troubles.  Having been doubtful that His Father had abandoned Him while on the cross, Jesus realized that He still had God’s Spirit in Him and responded to the thief who cried out to be saved.  And Jesus saved him that day (Luke 23:43).


               Our lives are short and sometimes nasty and brutish.  We are sometimes stupid, cheap and sleazy.  And yet there is something still good in us, something great, good, and splendid


Like God.  Everybody has a part of God in them.  God deemed it so (Ezekiel 11:19).  If God’s Spirit is not in other people then it would be impossible to live in peace upon this earth.  There is a great deal of honesty, friendliness and decency in people around us.  There are often more kind people than mean ones.  There is some God in each of us.  God commanded   ”Let Us make man in our image, after our likeness.”  That should make you stand up a little straighter knowing that some of God is still in you, even though you may not recognize it so easily (Revelations 3:20).


               All of God’s children should take care not to tarnish what little glory God has put inside of us.  In worship we must declare God’s presence in us!  This should be our daily desire.


God knew the stubborn depths of evil we will have to go through, yet HE still chose to put some of Him in us.  This is what Easter celebration is all about.  If you celebrate Easter without God in you, then you are celebrating a god which is dead.
















Our Faith



The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. John 10:10

Our Mission

To glorify God by submitting to the headship of the Lord Jesus Christ, exalting Him as Savior, proclaiming the truth of the Word of God as inspired by the Holy Spirit, equipping one another to serve Him in unity of spirit, and introducing all of our brothers and sisters to Christ, both foreign and domestic. Matt. 28:18-20 and Luke 14.

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